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March 9, 2011

Court Turns Down Harris' Plea
State of Ohio Education - Colleen Gardy
"Today a federal court turned down former state board member Martha Harris' bid to regain her seat. You may remember that Ms. Harris was replaced on Ohio's State Board of Education after it was determined that her paperwork was never properly transmitted to the Ohio Senate for consideration. When the last General Assembly adjourned in December without having confirmed her as a state board member, Ms. Harris' appointment was considered to have expired."
Angela Thi Bennet, a Kasich appointee, will now begin her term on the state board of education.  Because Ms. Harris may have been the deciding vote in 10-9 decision which elected Rob Hovis to the position of board president, the board will conduct a new vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  This is good news for proponents of school choice, as Ms. Bennett has been open about her support for alternative educational choices. 

Kasich eschews Teleprompter - Dayton Daily News
This falls into the category of 'not-earth-shattering-news-but-interesting-nonetheless':
"Unlike Ohio governors before him, when Republican John Kasich delivers his State of the State address on Tuesday afternoon before a packed House chambers, he won’t use a device that scrolls his pre-written speech in front of him.“I am definitely not using a Teleprompter. That is one thing that is guaranteed,” Kasich said.  “I’ve been speaking for a long time and I don’t normally have a time clock that tells me when I have to do something. I do it when I sort of feel it, feel what I want to say. It could come, literally, at the last few minutes,” Kasich said."
This might explain why Kasich's speech went on for well over an hour!  The Ohio Channel finally gave up and directed viewers to their website to watch the balance of the speech since they had only alotted an hour for the speech.  Here are a few quotes from the speech:
"If you think there have been a lot of changes in the past few weeks, you ain't seen nothin' yet!" 
‎"Let's work this felony thing. I want a conservative Republican and a liberal Democrat and I want to end the political nonsense and let's get together and solve a problem together. That's what I'd like to see." 
"They pick a ball and do a lottery and 'I won and you lost.' And they do 'I won and you lost' to our kids? Shame on us! It's unacceptable! You deny a kid an education - a secure education - you're killing their future. Nothing should stand in our way of making Ohio lead in this country and be able to compete in this world and we better commit to this and get this fixed. "
Even if you're not into political things and even if you're not from Ohio, the speech is worth watching.  Kasich is funny, passionate, and very emotional at times.  If even half of what he wants to accomplish comes to fruition, Ohio will be a much better state when he leaves office. 

Staying with our Ohio theme, I was watching Fox News tonight as Griff Jenkins was interviewing Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder.  Is it just me, or do these two look like they're related?  A little freaky if you ask me!

Bill Batchelder (R-OH) Speaker of the House
Griff Jenkins - Fox News
Santorum Shines, Cain Impresses at IFFC Event -  
The Iowa Republican
"The Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition (IFFC)was the focus of the political world yesterday as it hosted five potential 2012 presidential candidates at their annual spring fundraiser. An over-flow crowd of over 1500 people packed the Point of Grace Church in Waukee, where the event was held. Governor Terry Branstad, who addressed the crowd, called the IFFC gathering the first significant event in the lead up to the 2012 caucuses."
The writer ranked the candidates as follows:
  1. Rick Santorum
  2. Tim Pawlenty
  3. Herman Cain
  4. Newt Gingrich
  5. Buddy Roemer
He said this about Rick Santorum: 
"Santorum’s pro-family accomplishments are more impressive then the other four candidates who shared the stage last night combined.  While Gingrich talked about what executive orders he would issue on day one of his presidency and Tim Pawlenty bragged about his fiscal stewardship while being the governor of a blue state, Santorum reminded people that he led the fight to end the practice of partial birth abortions that it was he who led the fight for the unborn victims of violence act, and it was he who led the charge on the born alive infant protection act, which simply states that if a baby is born alive during an attempted abortion, the child is extended legal protection."
Donald Trump's political contributions  - Newsmeat (HT: Mark Levin via Twitter)
Is Donald Trump a conservative? Trump has been all over the media lately, hinting that he may run for president.  He's been portraying himself as a conservative Republican.  The man is no dummy. He knows he can't get elected as a pro-choice Republican, so he has now switched his position to the pro-life side.  However, his words of late don't match the record.  A quick look at his political contributions over the past few years will tell you all you need to know about Trump: he's a pragmatist.  Whatever is politically expedient, whatever personally benefits him, he will do.  Check out some of these donations:

Donald Trump political donations by party

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) - $16,900
Anthony Weiner (D-NY) - $4300
Charles Schumer (D-NY) - $5750
Hillary Clinton (D-NY) - $8700
Harry Reid (D-NV) - $6400
Arlen Specter (D-PA) - $5300
Richard Durbin (D-IL)  - $1000
Charles Rangel (D-NY) - $8000
Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) - $2500
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - $25,000
Edward Kennedy (D-MA)-  $1000
Chris Dodd (D-CT) - $3000
John Kerry (D-MA)-  $2500

These were Trump's donations since the year 2000 - there are many more prior to that. It's clear that he has a pretty consistent policy of donating to politicians on both sides of the aisle.  We'd really have to stretch our imaginations to believe that Trump has ideological ties to any of these candidates, their parties, or their policies.  Again, the theme seems to be pragmatism and political expediency.  Not exactly the kind of statesman most of us long to see in the oval office. 

And from the "can't make this stuff up" file....Alan Simpson, on Fox News to talk about his work on the Debt Commission, was complaining about today's youth and lamenting that they spend their time listening to "Enima Man" and "Snoopy Poop Dog."  Ha!  You just KNOW he loves the "Pants on the Ground" guy!

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