Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The roaring, soaring, Constitution-ignoring days of Obama's Recovery Summer

This video is a year old.  Shocking that nothing - not the war, not the unemployment rate, not the media coverage of Obama - has changed:

...Kick back with Andrew Klavan and enjoy the roaring, soaring, constitution ignoring days of Obama's Recovery Summer. It's sunny. It's funny. But I'm out of work honey. With unemployment over 9%, what isn't there to love? At least it isn't the grim old days of George W. Bush when unemployment was below 6% and General Petraeus was leading a surge...

...Did you vote for Barack Obama? Feeling embarrassed by the results? Don't be so hard on yourself; DE is more common than you think. Nearly 70 million voters may suffer from DE. Have your talk today with Andrew Klavan and find out what you can do to treat DE. You - and your country - will be glad you did...

I sure wish they'd replace all those Viagra commercials during the baseball games with this one!

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