Friday, July 1, 2011

Planned Parenthood caught lying about Indiana healthcare

Those hip and brainy kids over at Live Action have released their latest sting video, exposing more lies and deception at Planned Parenthood.  Recently, Indiana, in effect, defunded Planned Parenthood, cutting off funds to abortion providers that receive state funds.  

The Obama Fed Thug Machine rolled in and threatened to defund ALL the the Medicaid clinics in the ENTIRE STATE to assure that the abortion mills wouldn't stop. 

Abortion pushers howled, whining that Planned Parenthood is the only place that women can receive well checks, birth control, mammograms, and STD testing.

Turns out, that's not even close to being slightly true.  The truth is, Planned Parenthood only accounts for 1% of Medicaid clinics. Undercover phone calls by Live Aid found time after time after time that Planned Parenthood clinics were able to refer women to nearby clinics that provide the exact, same services, sans abortion:

Don't miss that the Obama Fed Thug Machine is willing to shut down every Medicaid provider in the state of Indiana to keep the 1% that offer abortions open.  Now that's some shared sacrifice, isn't it? 

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