Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LGBT(LMNOP) Prom Kings and Queens

Four LGBT(LMNOP) Youth in Two States Named Prom King and Queen

Lezgetreal reports:
"Let us start in Maine where Christian Nelsen and his boyfriend Caleb Jett both put their names into the running for Prom Queen and King. What is wonderful is that the two won. Nelsen got enough votes to be voted Prom Queen while his boyfriend Jett got enough votes to be Prom King. The two wore suits and proudly wore their tiara and crown. They even danced as Queen and King....
"...But now we are off to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where seventeen year old Andii Viveros was crowned Prom Queen and Juan Macias was crowned Prom King for McFatter Technical High School in Davie, Florida. The prom was held at the Hyatt Regency in Fort Lauderdale. 
What makes this couple so wonderful is that Viveros, whose first name is Andrew, is transgender, and while she did not wear a strapless gown to the prom, she did wear a stunning outfit. Viveros stated “Then they called my name and I was in complete shock. . .It’s a big stepping stone. People can see it’s finally OK to be who you are and do what you want no matter how different you are.” Viveros is the president of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance."

The Portland, Maine ABC affiliate reported on the male-male/boyfriends prom king and queen combo and found several people who were enthusiastic supporters of the students.  Unfortunately, they couldn't find a single person who would go on camera or on the record to speak out against the school's decision.  WMTW's Cam Tran reported:
"We talked to dozens of people and those who were against the crowning of a gay king and queen did not want to go on camera.  In fact, one person told us he was afraid something he might say might offend someone."
Gay activists at the Talk About Equality blog spun it this way:
"How wonderful is it when those who are on the wrong side of history and humanity can acknowledge their ignorance and bigotry through their silence."
What are the odds that the only thing acknowledged here is that opponents of this radical agenda have been bullied and intimidated into silence.  The reason one person was "afraid something he might say might offend someone" is that he's afraid some ACLU thug will slap a lawsuit on him or the state will send the Maine Human Rights Commission after him.

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