Friday, May 27, 2011

Just for fun...

My friend Glenna sent me this video about "homeschooled" vs. "homeschooler."  There is a difference!  Ryan and I spent the next hour watching YouTube videos on the OpheliaBH Channel.  Bethanie has a great mix of satire, sarcasm and silliness.  And, some of this hits a little too close to home:

Ever wonder why homeschoolers win all those spelling bees and manage to get into top colleges with perfect SAT scores?  It starts here:

Her insight into the political views of aliens is right on target. "If you claim not to have [a political view] I say to you, 'Lazy is a political view.'" 

Sooo.....which political figure best represents each of these aliens?:
  • The Mean Alien - humans do not deserve to live and the planet should be destroyed for no good reason.
  • The Happy Blue Co-existing Alien - Humans and aliens can co-exist. He believes humans are taking very good care of the planet so he wants to live here too. 
  • The Environmentalist Alien - Believes humans are taking horrible care of their planet and he must warn us that our planet is going to be destroyed. They are the worry warts - the Al Gore-ish types in the alien world. 
  • The Mean Green Alien - Earthlings are taking great care of the planet but he doesn't want humans to live there.  Believes humans should be killed so he can use our nice green grass and trees. 
We've already got Al Gore as the Environmental Alien.  Voting is now open for the other three. Post your nominees in the comment section below. 

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