Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday, the worst day ever...

Dan Phillips has an excellent post today about Saturday - the day of Holy week we often glaze over. For most Christians there is no special church service or particular meaning in the's the "in between" day. Dan makes us think about the profound loss and disillusionment Jesus's disciples must have felt that long, miserable, hopeless Saturday:

"But then Saturday dawned. Reality hit. It had really happened. They were now waking up, for the first time in three years, with no Jesus. That meant no Messiah, no Lord.  No hope, no guide; no one who really knew what He was doing. No point to doing what they had all left their jobs and their lives to do.
And nothing had changed overnight. He died Friday. He was still dead, Saturday.
Horrible, throbbing reality settling down on their chests like a massive elephant. What now? Dear God in Heaven, what now? What do we do? What do we say? What do we tell the crowds? What do we tell our families? Do we go back with our tail between our legs, and beg for our jobs back? And what, what do we make of the world now, now that we had repented because the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand... and yet it seems more distant than ever?
Not only that, but there had to be the throbbing pain of guilt. We think of Peter's big talk, but remember: everyone had said the same (Mark 14:31). Big talk, big promises, massive failure, every one of them. 
What, what to do about all that?
For them, Saturday had to be the worst day, ever. 
All that, for one reason: because they did not believe the Word of God."

Read the whole thing here.

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