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White House to teens: You're gay? We're proud of you! (send us your resume)

Let me first start with a disclaimer;  I am 1000% against any and all bullying.  Kids can be unbelievably cruel and no child should be subjected to physical, verbal, or emotional violence .  This is not about that.  This is about special interest groups singling out bullying against a small minority and dragging us one step closer too the thought/speech-police state and imposing their agenda on the rest of us. 


Question:  How many LGBT-LMNOP individuals does it take to run the White House?  

Answer:  At least 11

Have you seen the "It Gets Better" ad campaign?  Our tax dollars and government officials are now being used to promote the gay agenda under the guise of this anti-bullying campaign.  From the website:
"The website www.itgetsbetter.org is a place where young people who are lesbian, gay, bi, or trans can see how love and happiness can be a reality in their future.  It’s a place where our straight allies can visit and support their friends and family members.  It’s a place where people can share their stories, take the It Gets Better Project pledge, watch videos of love and support, and seek help through the Trevor Project and GLSEN."
Now the White House has joined in the fun. While our nation is engaged in 2 (ish) wars overseas, a war on terror at home,   and we're teetering on the brink of financial disaster, the White House is busy making videos letting our teens know that homosexual sex could land them a sweet job as Joe Biden's social secretary. 

This first video features no less than eleven White House staffers celebrating their LGBT-LMNOP lifestyles:

Brian Bond, Deputy Directory, Office of Public Engagement
Nancy Sutley, Chair, White House Council on Environmental Quality
Kei Koizumi, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Jeffrey Crowley, Director, Office of National AIDS Policy
Greg Millet, Office of National AIDS Policy
Zach Portilla, Office of Presidential Personnel 
Karine Jean-Pierre, Office of Political Affairs
Carlos Elizondo, Social Secretary to the Vice President and Dr. Biden
Ven Nerella, Presidential Personnel Office
Anthony Bernal, Office of The Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden
Ellie Schafer, Director, White House Visitors Office

[as an aside, why do we even have most of these offices???]

They all assure children that they're perfect they way they are. That some day soon,  life will get better and they'll be very, very happy and will be able to share in the goal of enlightening others about their happy, happy lifestyle:

No mention is made of the fact that male-to-male sex accounts for nearly half of all AIDS cases,  even though gay men account for less than 3% of the population. Or that lesbians have higher rates of depression, smoking, and drug and alcohol abuse.  Our government officials assure children (who have no business having sex in the first place) that this is going to turn out amazingly well for them.  Heck, it's practically a recruiting video! I wonder if our military's recruiting videos are this upbeat and enthusiastic....come to think of it, I wonder if President Obama has made any recruiting videos for our armed services.  

See more Obama administration officials' videos here

Vice President Biden's video is a rambling 4-minute self-esteem session.  He calls the bullies "losers" who are "inferior" and "less worthy and less bright" than those being bullied.  Way to set a good example, Joe!
"First and foremost, I'm proud of you. There's not a single thing about you that's not normal,  good, and decent. There are tens of millions of people around the world and millions of people right here in America and people right in your neighborhood who may be, or are perceived to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transenger [sic]. They're normal people... 
...Sometimes it's really hard to understand that it's the bully who's really the inferior one. That doesn't make it hurt any less.  It doesn't make the fear go away. But I came to understand because of my mother and father that the fact that I stuttered didn't make me less bright, less worthy or less of a person as they tried to make me feel. It was the people who were making fun of me who were less worthy, less bright...Listen to what I'm saying to you.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  You have every reason to be proud....proud. Don't let them take your self-worth away..."

Bullying is a very real problem.  In the more extreme cases, it represents a failure at many level, including the homes of the bullied and the bully, the school, and the friends who watch and do nothing.  Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the parents to ensure that their child is in a safe environment.  If the school can't or won't address the problem, then the parents need to get that kid out of the school ASAP.  

The answer is not to have special classes of bullying:  GLBT-LMNOP bullying, racial bullying, big-eared-boy bullying, computer geek bullying.  All bullying should be treated the same way. The answer to this problem isn't to endorse homosexuality and put the government's stamp approval on a lifestyle that the Bible clearly calls a sin.  Behind the happy faces in the videos are individuals who are living a lifestyle in opposition to God's plan for sexuality and marriage.  And they want to force this lifestyle on our children and our culture - using our tax dollars, no less!

Anthony Esolen has an excellent article about the relationship between the sexual revolution and our culture (HT: Denny Burk). I think he gives us a glimpse of the end-game if the anything-goes agenda is successful:

"I can conceive of no other thing more deeply determinative of what a society will be like, or even whether it will be a genuine society at all, than our folkways regarding men and women, their courtship, their marriage, their duties to one another, and their raising of children. Sex—both the distinction between man and woman, and the act that unites man and woman in the embrace that is essentially oriented towards the future—is a foundational consideration for every people. When we ask, “Will a man be allowed to have more than one wife?” or “Will husbands and wives be allowed to divorce at will?” or “Will unmarried people be encouraged to behave as if they were married?”, we are asking, whether we understand it fully or not, “What kind of culture, if any, do we want to share?”... 
...They say, “We should be allowed to do this, because every sexual desire short of rape and (sometimes) adultery should be tolerated—no, encouraged, even honored in law.” But that is to justify the sexual revolution by saying that the sexual revolution is justified. Let them do more. Let them argue that the sexual revolution—in its entirety—has conduced to the common good. Let them argue that a society, if it can be called one, wherein a ten-year-old boy knows all about sodomy is a better place than one in which he hasn’t the faintest notion of it, but is too busy collecting baseball cards. Let them argue that a society in which a ten-year-old girl must wait once a month to see her father, if his new bedmate doesn’t get in the way, is a better place than one in which it never occurs to her that her mother and father may ever part company. 
In other words, let the sexual revolution be justified on grounds of the common good. I believe it fails that test miserably, with evidence that is weighty, obvious, manifold, logically and anthropologically deducible, and clearly predictable by wisdom both pagan and Christian. Let them make their case, rather than asserting a principle that, in reality, would destroy the very idea of the common good. For if we cannot appeal to the common good in a matter so fundamental, I do not see how we can appeal to it in any other."
This campaign is called "It Gets Better."  If we're talking about the lives and souls of young men and women and the common good of our society, it doesn't get better if this agenda is successful. 

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